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We offer a range of equipment used for rotational measurement, namely stroboscopes, tachometers and a wide range of accessories. Brands featured include Fluke, RS PRO, Wachendorff, Amprobe, Anders Electronics, Chauvin Arnoux, Compact, SKF, Tektronix, Testo and Trumpeter just to name a few.

Types of rotational measurement equipment available


These are used to measure the rotational speed of an object, such as a shaft in an engine for a motor, conveyors or other machinery. They measure revolutions per minute (RPM), displayed via an analogue dial or digital display. There are normally two types of tachometer:

  • Contact - these operate by having direct contact with the shaft or disc through a free spinning wheel, creating pulses which are then converted into RPM.
  • Non-contact - these use an optical source to measure the rotational speed, usually a laser of infrared light, and requires no direct contact with the shaft. The tachometer measures the rate at which the light pulses are reflected back, which are converted into RPM.

Tachometer accessories

There are various accessories available for tachometers including reflective tape, cones, wheels, adapters, rubber tips, remote probes and measuring funnels.


  • Also known as a strobe, a stroboscope measures the rotational speed of an object by emitting a series of brief, intense flashing lights at specific intervals to create a stop motion effect on a moving part. Measuring the RPM involves matching the rate of the flashing light to the rotational rate of the object being tested, converting the number of flashes into RPM.

Stroboscope accessories

  • Accessories for Stroboscopes include replacement lamps, battery charger, strobe controllers, extension cables, tripod, mounting kit and articulating arm.